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Seminars to strengthen your life-force and activate your Kundalini We are glad you found your way here. We - the team of the award-winning documentary "Miracle of life-force" - offers seminars and experience-based workshops on this platform. It is our aim to enable you to gain direct and strong experiences through our work, which will increase your vitality and thus lead to a considerably higher quality of life, joy of life, health, light and mediality.

About Carola and Stephan:

Carola is a health coach. She took part in numerous seminars led by Armin and Andrea Mattich, Roland Wäschle, Laurens Storms and Andrea Dinkel. Inauguration in "The Knowledge" by Maya Storms.

Stephan began a search for the sources of health, vitality, meaning in life and true spirituality in the age of 14, which lasted nearly three decades.
After his training as a banker and studying computer science, he continued his journey through life with even more intensity. This led him through nutritional experiments, various psychological and therapeutic trainings to indian philosophy and for many years to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.
In 2006 he made his first contact with the media business. Since the end of 2007 he has been working with mainly in the field of congress recordings.
During this time he met two people who transformed his life from the ground up: Maya Storms and Armin Mattich. As one of the consequences, he turned back to the original, genuine christian teachings, which can be deepened through direct experience.
These experiences where the reason to start the production of the film Miracle of life-force in summer 2011. In April 2015, the film won the audience award of the "Cosmic Cine Festival". In the meantime, around 32.000 people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have seen the film.
Since summer 2015, his girlfriend Carola and he are offering transforming seminars, in which the participants learn a safe way to experience a greatly increased vitality and profound experiences as experienced and described by mystics of all faiths. Such experiences have a positive and lasting life-changing effect.

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