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4-day intensive Workshop life-force and mystical experiences

With the director of the award-winning documentary "Miracle of life-force" Stephan Petrowitsch and health coach Carola Vogler.

The aim of this workshop is to raise the life-force and the light of the participants as well as to enable mystical experiences.

We have searched for many years to find teachers who are able to increase people's life force - often to the dynamic state called "Kundalini" in India. This is done through divine grace. Those who actively and openly participate in the seminar will experience an increase of their vitality, an activation of the Kundalini cannot be promised, this depends on the readiness of the mind and even more the soul of the participant!

Our goal is that the participants reach real knowledge through their own experiences - in contrary to most workshops, which are about imparting intellectual knowledge or having to believe something. We also do not teach techniques that have to be practiced over a long period of time in order to achieve the desired results, but strive to achieve changes on the level of the soul within the framework of the seminar days, which can lead to numerous constructive changes in every area of life.

With the help of the spiritual world we open a protected space for the participants of this seminar to enable states of religious trance, "mystical" experiences and healing on a spiritual level.

During the seminar days, individual and partner exercises as well as meditations will be conducted and practiced, the aim of which is to increase vitality with all its attendant symptoms, such as strengthening the self-healing powers, so that people hardly become ill (colds, etc.). This is done by strengthening the fire in the person and even giving him the opportunity to open the door to his own soul further than any time before.

The inner fire cleanses the human being. Old wounds and injuries of the soul can come into light and will be healed bit by bit, sometimes within the shortest time. Thus the person experiences increased inner peace and as a result gains more freedom, inner light and self-determination in it's life. When the light rises in the human being, he begins to live his full potential as a human being more and more, including the natural abilities of clairvoyance. Mediality, aura vision and the perception of one's own guardian angel and spiritual guide become possible.

Numerous side effects are possible in our seminars, most of them are shown and explained in our award-winning movie "Miracle of life-force".

It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes, wear to change, slippers and a blanket.

Important: This seminar is not a conventional medical treatment and is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis or therapy.

Time: 4 days each 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. with 2 hours lunchbreak; last day end at 6 p.m.

Price: 450 £ / 600 US-$

Dates: Click here

Registration: carola@wunder-der-lebenskraft.de

  • Seminar to strengthen your life-force and active your Kundalini "Until you didn't find the pain, you won't get the cure.
    Until you have not given up life,
    you will not unite with the highest soul.
    Until you have not found the fire within yourself, like a friend,
    you will not reach the source of life."


    We are happy to show you some of the feedback from participants:

    I am still filled with the many experiences and touching experiences of the past weekend in your seminar.
    On my spiritual path I have never had such fulfilling and soothing experiences for my soul [...] I have become calmer and more relaxed and have been dreaming for 2 nights in a row, which has not been the case for a long time. I also feel that many things that still worried me want to say goodbye now. I'm looking forward to everything that's yet to come.

    Your seminar has been the one so far that has changed the most in my life, and it is just beginning to take effect! Every day it is increasing and becoming stronger and stronger... and I become more present and more real !
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    It is high time to finally say "Thank you" to you for the seminar, in which I was allowed to participate fabulously.
    Unbelievably much has happened: My breathing problems - after two pneumonia I could not breathe properly anymore - were and have disappeared completely after the seminar. [...] Suddenly I had the energy to change the things I knew I had to change.


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