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In China this power is called Chi, in Japan Ki, in India Prana or - when the life force becomes dynamic - Kundalini, in medicine one once spoke about Vis Vitalis. In every culture there are terms for the elemental power of life, the power that brings us into life and keeps us alive.
If we have too little of this power, we become ill and are often exhausted. But this strength has not only effects on our state of health, but on every aspect of our life.
The fact that we have the possibility to significantly increase the level of this power in a short period of time is not even an option in the consciousness of many people. And yet there are such opportunities.
The advantages of increased vitality are far more than unlimited joie de vivre and perfect health: More inner peace and freedom as well as deep spiritual experiences up to mystical experiences are possible. Whoever has the grace to experience this will see that everything changes for him - nobody has to tell him anymore that he should love his neighbor, he can no longer help himself.
The fact that there are people who have realized the full human potential and that this can become possible for everyone at incredible speed gives hope - for each individual, for society and for the whole world.

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  • Miracle of life-force - the movie A journey to the power that works in us

    As a viewer of this film you embark on a journey of experience to increase your vitality and thus your self-healing power, as well as to expand your consciousness - up to mystical experiences.

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