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Workshops and Seminare life-force, vitality, Kundalini, mystical experiences Our workshops "Life-force and mystical experiences" are influenced by many of our own experiences and encounters, which we were allowed to experience on our decades long search. We have experienced that the actions of some people are especially blessed. For us, this can only be explained by the fact that they have been given gifts by God for serving Him unconditionally with their work - and that possibly for a very long time. Many participants and clients experience in the context of their seminars and work that God really exists,

...who loves you infinitely. He is the power itself.
(Quote from Maya Storms from our movie "Miracle of life-force")

Among the outstanding people we were allowed to meet: (more details to this people will be delivered soon)

Maya Storms

Laurens Storms

Armin Mattich / Andrea Mattich

Roland Wäschle

Andrea Dinkel